Five Reasons to Include Kids Art Activities in Children Learning Curriculum

kids art activities
Making crafts and many kids art activities are essential learning tools for kids. Art and craft activities for kids have therapeutic and education effects on our children.

Have you ever wonder why kids love to do art and craft?

My kids told me craft making is one of their favorite activities. They feel relax that’s why they enjoy doing it.

Studies have shown there are many benefits for children to engage in art and craft activities.

Learn Problem Solving, Cultivate Creativity and Imagination

Problem solving skills include creative thinking. Craft making train them to “think out of the box”; create something out of the limited material available or given.

You can try open-ended art. Give your child a piece of blank paper and see what your child can do. If your child is not exposed to such request, he or she may not be able to produce anything in the beginning. Do provide encouragement.

Boost a Child’s Self-Confidence

With an art project, a child learns about continuation and perseverance in learning a skill. Eventually, he will produce a masterpiece when he mastered the skill through practice. When the child’s finished artwork is featured and presented, he will feel a strong sense of accomplishment.

Improve Concentration Span and Learning Abilities

Making art and craft involves many skills; hand eye coordination, fine motor, sensory and ability to focus. Gripping color pencils and using scissors for cutting involve fine motor skills. Threading uses hand eye coordination.  Constant stimulation helps to sharpen and develop these essential skills for a young child.

Kids also learn spatial skills. Understand shapes and patterns help them in learning math. 3D shapes craft helps my kids to visualize 3D concept when we turn the concept into concrete.

Learn Self-Expression and Communication

A child needs to learn how to express when communicating. Communication is not limited to verbal and written. Children draw and paint to express and communicate. Just like the saying goes; a picture tells a thousand words.

You can encourage your child to draw in his learning log. It is another means for him to express what he has learned and understood.

Create Bonding between Parents and Child

make kite craft
The kite I made with my children.
Do you remember those times when you and your kids make craft together? These are memorable times to create something unique together with our children.

I still remember making a paper kite with my children. It was an ugly brown kite that can’t even fly! But, my kids simply love it – just because it was a kite they built with me. We still keep the kite and laugh over it.

As long as we keep kids’ art lessons as part of their learning curriculum, we need not sign up special art therapy session for kids to enjoy some of these benefits.

Keep children entertained over several weeks with kids art activities in their learning curriculum. We can break kid’s art projects into smaller task. Each task can be complete in a lesson per week. You will have a series of art lessons in your child’s learning curriculum now.


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