How To Determine If A Summer Camp Is Right For Your Special Needs Child

Summer Camp
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Being a parent is a job loaded with worries, but if your child has special needs, those worries are likely multiplied every time they leave the house. There are often so many things to think about, including their safety, whether they will have access to medicine or a means of getting around, and how to get them to communicate their needs if you’re not there. It can be overwhelming, and with the end of the school year near, you might be thinking of ways to help them thrive in a safe environment during summer months.


5 Simple Steps to Teach Kids Snorkeling

Have you consider teaching your kids snorkeling? Expose children to the underwater world is a great experience for them.

Let me share with you my personal experience of how you can teach and plan a memorable snorkel experience with your kids. Just like any learning activity for kids, with some effort and preparation, everyone will have an enjoyable time together.


Develop Children Mental Skills with Printable Kids' Games

Printable kids' games such as kids’ brain teasers can help to stimulate the brain development of children. This is one of the proven and accepted methods acknowledged by most child developmental practitioners.
printable games to develop child mental skills

Type of Skills Learned

Kids’ brain teasers such as crossword puzzles are effective in teaching children spelling and reading. It is also the best tools to expand vocabulary knowledge and word power in reasoning abilities.

Doing printable mazes also helps a child to grow her mental ability as she immersed herself in problem solving, creative and critical thinking skills. When a kid works on tracing path using a pencil or pen, she needs to be able to “look ahead” to figure out that it is not a dead end. This pre-empting ability helps to train strategy development skills.

Developing and instilling children’s interest in playing brain teasers help to challenge their mind constantly.
Here are some printable kids’ games for children. Check them out....


Teachable Moments during Christmas Season

Christmas activities for kids need not be just fun but can be valuable learning lessons for them during this holiday season.

With Christmas round the corner, some of you will be doing the inevitable; last minute Christmas shopping!  If you are hard up for some ideas on what Christmas activities and games to entertain kids, here are some recommendations.

Christmas Activities for Kids


Fun Lessons and Halloween Games for Kids.

Halloween games for kids
Have fun celebrating and learning history, science and math from Halloween activities and party games.

Here are some exciting Halloween themed games and educational activities for children to learn while having fun. Use these ideas in your Halloween party games. Play them either indoors or outdoors according to your preference. If you are an educator, you can replicate these Halloween themed games and ideas easily in the classrooms or in the school garden.


Help Your kids spring back into action on First Day of School with Enthusiasms.

After a leisurely summer vacation of flexi-hours and flexi-activities, most children may not be able to spring back into action on the first day of school and get back into gear.

If your kids have been enjoying summer vacation and had a “summer slide”, then you need to prepare your children's brains. Include some brain-stretching activities before heading back to school. Get them prepared, keep them sharp.


Prevent Summer Slides with Educational Summer Activities for Kids.

children attending summer workshopMy children learn about fruits in a summer workshop
Stimulation and engage in active learning help children retain learned knowledge. Studies have shown that without stimulation, kids can lose up to 60 percent of what they learned in school during long holidays. Some simple planning in advance is all we need to keep them engage in learning activities.


Make Nature Environment the Greatest Learning Playground for Our Children

Kid's outdoor activities do provide an enriching educational value to our children. Participate in such activities involves children to use all their senses. This helps to enhance learning and retain what they have learned easily. It also keeps children healthy.

There is no need to limit ourselves to camping, hiking and fishing for kids outdoor activities. Explore natural surrounding or conduct workshops and lessons outdoor are just some ideas. Such simple activities do not incur much cost and only require minimum preparation. Yet, can be equally fun and interesting to learn something about science.